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Our veterans are not criminals

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Our television sets are filled with images of returning veterans from Afghanistan hugging their awaiting families. Many of our veterans served multiple tours in a country where every child and his mother was a potential suicide bomber. Our soldiers went house to house looking for insurgents knowing that any threshold they crossed could be their last. The mission in Afghanistan has left our soldiers with both traumatic brain injuries which cannot be seen and images too horrific that they cannot be erased.


One sufferer of post-traumatic stress disorder described his experiences as walking through hell wearing a gasoline suit.


The vast majority of our veterans will return to the rule-following and law-abiding lives they left. However, some will not weather the transition as well and will find themselves running afoul of laws that they have previously obeyed. The Shellow Group stands ready to help our returning Veterans whose psyches became fragmented and whose judgments became impaired.

If you are a veteran and you find yourself or a loved one facing jail or prison, The Shellow Group is here to serve you just as you served us.


Veterans in trouble with the law, please call me. The Shellow Group is committed to providing holistic and comprehensive legal services to ensure that courts and prosecutors understand that you are someone’s husband or son who deserves our compassion, not our condemnation.