Truth about molestation or child sexual assault - Robin Shellow Attorney
Recent studies have put the number of false accusations of child sexual assault as high as 22% percent when the accuser is under the age of 8 and the accused is in a custody type dispute.
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I told you, I didn't do it!

When the crime is child molestation,

the burden of proof is
not on the state.

Regardless of what the law requires.

So how do you proceed?



Most of the time kids lie because their interviewers convey to them that they are victims who need love and protection, and feeling loved and protected feels good. Kids, in particular sad kids, relish any chance to feel good.


In the early days of my practice I spent years representing kids who lied all of the time. Kids who do not know bad facts from good facts. They feel as if good facts are those facts which make adults like them and trust them and make them feel good. The skills I obtained representing children make me uniquely qualified to read their thoughts.


Often criminal defense lawyers tell their clients, the jury will hate you for making the child testify. As a result, many good and decent and innocent people plead guilty or no-contest to crimes they did not commit only to find they are facing decades in prison and required to register as a sex offender for their entire adult lives.


Cross-examining children is not about slaying a dragon, but gaining their trust so the truth can come out.