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Addiction and prison
and the medicine chest

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The law fails to realize that relapse in part of the cycle of addiction and punish an addict’s use as if it were a choice. Loved ones often are repelled by the label addict. The label addict sure beats the label felon. As of the first post-relapse ingestion, the receptors in an addict’s brain relentlessly cry out “feed me…feed me…feed me” until it reaches such a pitch that they can’t think of anything else and acquiesce to the ravenous cries of their withdrawal-stricken brain. In order to feed them, an addict may even resort to making the poison the receptors crave and, after they are fed again, the receptors veritably hold the addict hostage with the threat “feed me…or we will kill you”.


For some addicts, every day can be an effort to reclaim their brain from the ADHD medications which hijacked it after being prescribed them during childhood; all because they simply did their homework slightly slower than what was considered “normal”. These medications, essentially, prime the pump in the engine which drives an addict and configure it in such a way that, going forward, any and all emotional incidences call for a medication-based response.


We have seen addicts addicted to the substantive equivalent of industrial-strength Drano. Twenty years ago, I represented a woman who injected Drano and Tylenol Cold and Sinus medication. Her brain, over a short period of time, developed the vicious refrain known to all addicts, “feed me…or we will kill you”. It did.


An addict is already in prison. No degree of physical incarceration available could even begin to approximate the prison they find themselves in every waking moment, as their brain remains in thrall to an insidious substance over which they have no control. The guards are those self-same voices that routinely pass by their figurative cell and never fail to remind them to “feed me…or we will kill you.”


It is estimated to be the 70 percent of grade-schoolers in Marin county and the 33 percent of grade-schoolers in Ozaukee county whose brains have been bought and sold to the drug companies that manufacture Ritalin and Adderall and market it to ever younger generations of children, filling their coffers with untold billions (7.4 billion in ADHD medications alone in 2010, which could reasonably be extrapolated to far surpass 10 billion as of today) which they subsequently use to systematically subvert any attempt by the FDA to curb their misbegotten profits. You need a lawyer that understands addiction and criminal defense.


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