Eighty years ago a distinguished federal judge wrote that conspiracy is the darling in the prosecutor's nursery.
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Significant results

Any Lawyer who says that they can guarantee a particular result is lying to you and stealing your money.

I can only guarantee that I will provide skilled and creative representation. I work incredibly hard to catch my adversaries off balance and under-prepared. Many people accused of crimes are railroaded by prosecutors who take advantage of ill-prepared lawyers. Thorough preparation, a well- developed sense of outrage, an ability to see a road not previously taken and a kind heart is all Robin Shellow can guarantee. I have won state cases and federal cases. I have won homicide cases. I have won complex white collar cases, I have won drug cases. I have won sexual assault cases. I have won child pornography cases and countless other kinds. I have won at the trial level and the appellate level.

What does a win mean for you?

Winning means preventing a person from getting charged. Winning means getting charges dismissed after evidence has been excluded. Winning means obtaining a deferred prosecution agreement. Winning means a plea to a misdemeanor, not a felony. Winning means securing a result that does not involve time in the county jail. Winning means avoiding a prison sentence. Winning may mean saving some of your life, not all of your life.

I prepare to win.

If I lose, I prepare and preserve the record so that you have a chance to win another day. My state and federal sentencing presentations are the envy of my colleagues locally and nationally. As I get better and better at securing good outcomes on behalf of clients, the persons who engage my services have more difficult and complex problems. A winning lawyer rises to the challenge. A winning lawyer creates a novel approach. A winning lawyer brings out the humanity in her adversaries.

The secret to my success is that I do not just take cases. I represent people. People who engage my services are terrified of being separated from their family. Losing the people we love, whether for a short time or a long time, is the most painful thing we endure as human beings. Time is the most precious thing we have with the people we love – even if some of those people have made terrible mistakes. People who hire criminal lawyers cross their thresholds with broken hearts. If I work my hardest, judges and juries hear my words and heal your hearts.