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Our attorneys review articles authored by experts and only chooses those who have written in peer-reviewed journals.
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Expert Witnesses in Criminal Trials

The Shellow Group selects an expert witness that is knowledgeable in the field that has the best chance of freeing the accused. Our attorneys review articles authored by experts and only choose those who have written in peer-reviewed journals. Whether it is a computer expert in an Internet pornography case, an accounting expert in a white-collar embezzlement case, the Shellow Group has a national reputation for creating its own expert witnesses whose credibility is unassailable. If it is a child sexual assault case, the Shellow group will hire an expert who normally testifies on behalf and in support of abused children.

If it is a forensic psychologist to show that a child did not understand his Miranda warnings, the Shellow Group hires experts who have experience and skill in administering the specialized tests for competency to waive Miranda warnings. Whether the defense is steroid induced psychosis or telecommunications fraud, the Shellow Group has a breadth of knowledge in the expert’s field that often intimidate prosecutors into resolving cases reasonably and without jail or prison time. The Shellow Group has in-house consultants who read the literature, and as a team, the lawyers, the in-house consultants and the client, pick the expert most likely to help win the case.