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Secondary School and University Expulsion
and Disciplinary Hearings

Defending Students’ Rights

The Shellow Group, with its low-volume/high-intensity practice, is the first choice of parents who know that if they can’t keep their teenage and college-age students in school, professional doors will close and their dream of an Ivy League education will be shattered. Whether it is the hypocrisy of zero tolerance policies to everything from drugs to laser pointers, America’s best and brightest hopes for the future are being expelled and suspended from Universities and Secondary Schools on a daily basis. The collateral consequences of school expulsion are as devastating to a young person’s future as a felony conviction.

The Shellow Group, with its mobile emergency crisis team, can come in and prepare for school expulsion and disciplinary hearings on very short notice. Because The Shellow Group is a low-volume/high-intensity practice that knows time is of the essence. Our in-house investigative staff is on a plane within hours interviewing witnesses before they have been influenced by well meaning adults trying to keep their own son or daughter from facing the same consequences. On-site mental health and AODA evaluations occur, not within weeks, but within hours of hiring the Shellow Group. A Secondary School and College Expulsion is like a trial.

The Shellow Group has presented evidence to show that the alleged violation was based on unreliable witness statements that have been blown out of proportion by a school district terrified that it might be the next Columbine. The Shellow Group has specialized expertise in evaluating whether school officials overreacted and whether they followed nationally recognized threat assessment protocols or whether the school district acted impulsively when deciding to subject a student to the devastating consequences of secondary school and college expulsion. If the student is accused of possessing drugs in his locker or in his dorm room, the Shellow group comes up with creative solutions that allow that student to remain in school while getting the help they need.

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The Shellow Group, with its team of in-house consultants, successfully convinces schools, colleges and employers that recovering addicts pose less danger to the community or school they live in than the untreated and undiagnosed addicts who have remained under the radar screen as a result of sheer luck or circumstance. The Shellow Group maintains professional relationships with drug and alcohol treatment centers throughout the world. Whether it is the student of the impaired professional, within hours of an in-house drug and alcohol assessment, a treatment center has been selected, transportation arranged, and contact has been made so that whoever the client is, they get the best care possible in a treatment center who will work with us to generate the aftercare plans necessary to keep the student in school or the physician in practice.