Nationally Recognized Creative Trial Defenses - Robin Shellow Attorney
Judges yield when faced with creative yet well-researched and zealously presented arguments of The Shellow Group.
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Criminal Defense

Nationally Recognized Creative
Trial Defenses

Criminal Defense Attorney

The Shellow Group does not allow the current state of the law to limit its strategy, arguments, or other aspects of trial advocacy on behalf of the client. The Shellow Group studies where the law is going, could be going, or should be going. Based on the client’s needs, this wide-angle perspective is then used to build novel theories of the case and forge uncommon yet strong defense arguments.

Unlike other attorneys, The Shellow Group does not allow the courts to follow comfortable routines if that runs counter to a client’s interests. When the client’s case requires novel, untypical actions, The Shellow Group pushes for those actions and is never deterred when the judge says “We don’t do this sort of thing here.” Faced by such posture, The Shellow Group argues back, finding support in the law and the practices of other courts nationwide, and challenging unfavorable rulings in appellate courts even before the trial is over. Judges yield when faced with the creative yet well-researched and zealously presented arguments of The Shellow Group; or with appellate rulings that support The Shellow Group’s arguments.

Our criminal defense lawyer is prepared and fights for you and insures your receive a fair trial

Jury verdicts stem from the evidence admitted at trial. That’s why The Shellow Group pushes the envelope on admissibility – boldly and creatively. The Shellow Group makes sure that no tiny bit of evidence is admitted if it could be excluded. Every criminal defendant needs an aggressive and unfailingly creative security service that will exclude all undesirable evidence. Most lawyers do not offer such service, but The Shellow Group does, with endless inventiveness, stamina, and attention to detail.