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A Battered Woman who can't take it anymore or a child who suffers abuse, some people just snap. Call the Milwaukee mental health attorneys at The Shellow Group at 414.263.4488.
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Mental Disease
or Defect

Mental Health and Syndrome-Based Defenses

Whether it is a Battered Woman who can’t take it anymore or a child who suffers horrific abuse at the hands of a caretaker, some people just snap. The stress of long-term abuse takes its toll on women and children who immediately regret their actions after they occur. Hire a lawyer early who can investigate the case, document the abuse and hire experts.

The Shellow Group, in Milwaukee, has a national reputation in the effective use of syndrome defenses. The case law in this area is changing all of the time. Hire a lawyer who can draft motions in limine to get all of the abuse the accused suffered in front of the jury. Our in-house investigators know what questions to ask, when to ask the questions and where to find the documents that corroborate the story. Criminal cases are won by those attorneys who tell the best stories. The Shellow Group constructs its cases the same way the writer constructs good stories. If you want a happy ending, hire the Milwaukee criminal attorneys at the Shellow Group. The Shellow Group is a low volume, high intensity practice where meticulous preparation wins cases. If the legal issue is not raised at the trial court, it is waived. Hire the Shellow Group now.

The Shellow Group is comprised of a team of professionals each working on an aspect of the story that needs to be told. We don’t ask the expert witnesses we hire on our clients behalf to testify, we ask them to corroborate the lack of intent of our clients through psychological testing that we believe a court will permit a jury to hear. Milwaukee criminal lawyers on both sides are limited to the presentation of relevant evidence. Hire the Shellow Group, we draft individually tailored motions that exclude the evidence that the prosecution wants to use to imprison you and allows your lawyer to present the evidence that helps you. Hire a lawyer who knows the law. Hire a lawyer who doesn’t have a cut and paste motion practice. Hire the lawyer who is highly respected by nationally known forensic psychiatrists and psychologists. Hire the Shellow Group, Milwaukee criminal attorneys with dignity and skill.

If a court finds that our client is not competent to strand trial, then the court has to dismiss the charges. The more serious the charge the less likely a court will find a criminal defendant incompetent to proceed. It shouldn’t be that way but it is. Hire the Shellow Group. Our extensive knowledge of psychiatric disease processes regularly intimidates the prosecutions own expert witnesses. Effective cross-examination of the state’s expert witnesses requires extensive preparation and research. Hire a law firm that knows what the state’s experts will say and how to discredit them.

Our Milwaukee Criminal Defense Lawyer will work tirelessly on your case

The Shellow Group prepares a case the way a doctor prepares for potentially life threatening surgery. Preparation takes time. The Shellow Group is a low volume practice where there is enough time and resources to prepare each case. Syndrome and other cases that involve mental health issues require a law firm that reads and understands the learned treatises that form the basis for the expert’s opinion. If the expert opinion is contrary to the defense theory of the case, it is imperative that skilled and sensitive attorneys figure out how to discredit the witnesses’ opinion without engaging in useless and threatening witness examinations filled with bravado as opposed to substance. If you want bravado and hot air, go elsewhere. If you want the witnesses examinations prepared with surgical precision, hire the Shellow Group.