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Knowledge and Referral to the World’s
Best Treatment Centers

Our Knowledge and Personal Referrals to the World’s Best Treatment Centers and Drug Treatment Programs
Has Saved Lives

Retention of The Shellow Group will give you and your family a leg up on WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW about selecting a treatment provider who will work with your lawyer and your family to understand the psycho-social and biological processes that have brought you to the threshold of a criminal defense lawyer who knows that you are terrified of what you do not know. We have made hundreds of referrals to treatment centers worldwide and maintain relationships with their clinical staff so that when we make the call, they will move heaven and earth to accommodate the individual needs of out clients. What you don’t know is the best residential treatment centers do not accept insurance.

You can count on our Milwaukee Criminal Lawyer to do what’s best for you

Myth: Treatment only works if the person really wants to change.

Reality: No one wants to leave their family, business or school for 30 days and live amongst strangers. Whether our clients agree to treatment to please their family, the court or even their legal team makes no difference to the Shellow Group. The providers to whom we regularly refer know that changing lives takes time—not Jail time.