The Shellow Group brings nationally recognized intervention skills to the attorney-client relationship.
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DO I Want a “Drug Court” Resolution?

When individuals find themselves in the criminal justice system, The Shellow Group in Milwaukee is sought by those individuals and their families to help in minimizing criminal justice consequences. When drugs or alcohol are identified as having contributed to the individual’s criminal justice involvement, The Shellow Group seeks to help the individual and family make demonstrable and positive changes. We drop everything and move heaven and earth to get a treatment plan in place that experience has revealed has helped minimize the potentially devastating consequences that addiction can have on your liberty or your professional license. The Shellow Group has a proven track record helping impaired professionals keep their licenses and remain conviction free.

Addiction is a disease.

Finally, most courts have come to accept what others have known for years. However, diseases cannot be presented as excuses. The Shellow Group promises Courts that their clients have learned to responsibly manage their disease so that its negative impact to our community has been extinguished.

Myth: Addicts look bad if they use prescription drugs to assist in decreasing cravings and or managing depression that invariably results from the bodies adjustment to its new neurological pathways.

For many opiate addicts, Suboxone is a miracle drug that allows them to live a productive and craving-free life without violating the law. No one wants to wake up addicted to opiates. Many addictions take hold when uninformed doctors prescribe massive amounts of opiate pain killers for acute and chronic disorders. Whether one is an aging baby boomer in danger of losing a professional license after an addiction that started with back surgery or one is a teen who went to his parents’ medicine chest one too many times, the mechanism of addiction is the same. And for both, if untreated, jailhouses await with open doors unless you hire the Shellow Group. Within 72 hours, a treatment plan is in place which is tailored to decrease criminal justice and or professional consequences and meets your individual clinical needs.

If addiction were polio, Jonas Salk would have been ignored and those who suffered from polio would have been told that the first step to a better life is to admit that they are powerless over their disease.

In Milwaukee, a healthy lifestyle can affect the success of criminal defense

The attorneys at The Shellow Group bring nationally recognized intervention skills to the attorney-client relationship. A caring and empathic approach is used to help an individual face the reality of his/her substance use so that the appropriate treatment can be found and the demonstrable changes can be realized. An intervention style of approach has proven effective in motivating individuals to adopt a drug and alcohol free lifestyle. We have found that not only does a drug and alcohol free lifestyle work to minimize criminal justice consequences, but it also brings healthy families back together and decreases the risk of recidivism.