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Pre-Trial Investigators and
Expert Witnesses

If you spend just a little time looking on the Internet for a lawyer, you’ll find that many firms and attorneys will say something, somewhere on their site, about “the resources they have access to” or their “network of experts and investigators.” What is true of most such claims is that while firms do hire investigators, consultants, and expert witnesses-they do so only on an as needed basis. These professionals are not on their staffs. They do not work closely with them on a day-to-day basis. The Shellow Group is a rarity among law firms in this regard. We offer clients in Wisconsin and throughout the United States a unique array of in-house professional resources and effective representation in a broad range of criminal and civil cases. However, we are not a high volume practice. Rather, we selectively choose our cases to ensure that we can always provide nothing less than our very best efforts in each of them.

Whether your case involves civil rights violations, the appeals process, or criminal defense against wire fraud, juvenile homicide, or drug charges-we do not rely on evidence gathered by others or the prosecution’s “version” of events. Our investigative staff, which includes retired, high-level police personnel, computer forensic specialists, Certified Public Accountants, and other professionals, provides first-rate, fact investigation and analysis.

Alcohol and other forms of drug abuse often play a tremendous role in the lives of our clients. Our AODA specialists inform our defense strategies and help get clients appropriate services from treatment centers and non-profit organizations located in the United States and across the globe.

Consultants play a daily role in the law practice. Physicians, forensic experts and psychologists are critical to both establishing mental health-based defenses and to refuting false allegations in court. Our consultants work closely to ensure clients receive help when they need it, to prepare effective defense strategies, to choose the make-up of juries, and to select expert witnesses that cannot be discredited by the prosecution.