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Defenses for our
returning veterans

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)

Veterans are being arrested in record numbers for crimes for which they bear no responsibility. Multiple tours of duty in Afghanistan and Iraq have resulted in the return of thousands of our most cherished citizens being subject to arrest and conviction for crimes that bear a direct relationship to the unimaginable horrors they witnessed on our behalf. Our veterans arrive home lonely and alienated and unable to process an unfathomable set of memories that leaves their spirits and bodies broken.

veterans The criminal justice system doesn’t get it. Time after time, they were patched up in field hospitals and given amphetamines to keep them awake, opiates to relieve their pain, and tranquilizers to help them sleep.

And when they arrive home far too many are finding themselves in our local jails and not knowing why. Conduct which was legal and encouraged day after day, tour after tour, has resulted in arrests for crimes for which they did not intend.

Robin Shellow knows about PTSD. In the early years of Robin Shellow’s practice she applied it to the on-going civil wars that have devastated the children of our inner cities.

A Milwaukee Criminal Defense Attorney is experienced with veteran legal cases

Our returning veterans need her skill and her knowledge of admissible evidence in veterans suffering from PTSD. As expert witnesses have recently said, “Robin Shellow is ahead of the learning curve when it comes to representing clients with PTSD.”

Our veterans are also suffering from traumatic brain injuries. If the injury is to the brain-stem, a well-educated person may know right from left, but his brain-stem may not send the appropriate signals to the brain’s cortex to act upon it. And if that veteran is accused of an OWI causing injury or even death, Shellow knows that it isn’t because her clients were drunk or drugged.

For many years, Shellow has been defending clients who have suffered from TBI. Some estimates say as many as 28 percent of our returning veterans suffer from the devastating symptoms of TBI.

Our returning veterans need our compassion, not a criminal conviction. Robin Shellow is ahead of the learning curve when it comes to representing clientswho have suffered from TBI.”