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The Shellow Group Criminal Defense Attorneys, specializing in Civil Rights, Criminal Appeals and Homicide Defense. Milwaukee Wisconsin Lawyer.
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Testimonials from a few of Robin’s clients, names witheld to protect their identities, but all are actual clients represented by The Shellow Group.

What Clients Are Saying

Robin entered my life when I was fifteen…

and facing a life imprisonment without the possibility of parole. She took my case pro bono and fought to save my life. I was sentenced to a twenty year prison term for first degree reckless homicide which was a lesser degree of the homicide she fought at trial. She was my light in the darkness. Throughout my appeal process, she was present and responsive to my needs and questions. She supported me throughout my imprisonment and transition back into society. She offered personal, professional, and legal support through my re-entry as I completed my degree and earned a Bachelor’s degree. While I am sure there are several other lawyers that would work hard for their clients, there are none who will be better than Robin Shellow and more committed to your success.


Years of personal struggle and frustration ended…

when I appointed The Shellow Group as my salvation. Attorney Robin Shellow became my mentor and guided me to a good solution. My case required a lawyer who had the ability(s) to think outside the box and Robin certainly was very creative.

Yesterday is History
Tomorrow is a Mystery
Today is a Gift
That’s why we call it Present

My present is brighter and the Shellow Group is a true gift for all whom seek superb representation


A while back I was in need of a good defense attorney

I hired a local well know agency for my defense. After paying them a large sum of money, all I ever heard was how hard it was to get a hold of the prosecutor. Long story short, after a while I went looking for other representation. After scanning the Internet I found The Shellow Group, Robin Shellow in particular. I was impressed by The Shellow Group as I got to speak to Ms. Shellow the first day I called her. I explained my situation and what I had already been through. Ms. Shellow asked me if I could come in that day and meet with her. After talking to Ms. Shellow and her legal team, I could tell she was a real fighter. Immediately Ms. Shellow went on the offensive. Ms. Shellow and I had many detailed talks, many times involving her legal team too. Unlike the other agency, Ms. Shellow listened to what I was saying. Unlike the other agency Ms. Shellow had no problem getting a hold of the prosecutor. Because of the great investigative team at The Shellow Group, Ms. Shellow was able to build a strong case. Ms. Shellow had multiple meetings with the prosecutor and was able to show where the government was wrong. Ms. Shellow explained to him very tactfully all the discrepancies in this case. I am sure that is not an easy thing to do. Ms. Shellow and I fought this battle for about 3 years. Ms. Shellow won and was able to get the prosecutor to drop the case. I am confident that without Ms. Shellow’s tenacious personality and great team, I would have been sitting in prison.

With The Shellow Group I found someone who was willing to listen to what I said, was willing to work hard for me, was willing to fight for me in every way possible, and most importantly was able to work with the government to show my side of things. I would recommend The Shellow Group to anyone in need of criminal defense. If I ever need legal representation again, the first call I will make is to The Shellow Group.


We felt comfortable right away with Robin…

and the detailed approach she took to learn about our grandson and know how to defend him. The end result was very favorable and showed Robin’s commitment and persistence to accomplish the best result, which we were pleased with. We would highly recommend Robin Shellow to anyone because of her results, her creativity, and her clear dedication to the hours and research necessary to achieve the best outcome possible.


My daughter was sexually assaulted…

by a corrections officer while under his supervision. I can’t even describe the devastation his actions caused. Robin and The Shellow Group Staff not only provided excellent representation for my daughter, but offered us the kindness of listening and genuine caring that was very much needed and appreciated.


I was in a multifaceted white collar fraud case…

where my conduct was entirely misunderstood at the time of indictment. Clearly, due to the conditions and tension brought about by these misinterpretations, I needed to be sure that everything went effortlessly & efficaciously. Fortunately, thanks to the proficiency and scrupulous work of The Shellow Group, the case was dismissed 8 years later. I approached The Shellow Group because they were the most reputable Milwaukee attorneys where I had a federal indictment. The Shellow Group helped me by clearing up all of the false charges against me. The result was minor probation and some fines. One thing I liked was their honest-to-God, realistic outlook on initial case management – they went above and beyond to manage expectations, ensuring I was always up to speed on current events as they pertained to my case. I found the experience straightforward and very comprehensible to the common man with respect to legal aspects of the entire case. I would recommend The Shellow Group to people who need any professional law advice in the area – thank you again Shellow Group!