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Civil Rights Violations

Prisoner Abuse and Neglect /
Police Brutality

  • Children are raped in Adult prisons and no one cares.
  • With over 2 million people in prison and so few competent doctors, prisoners die of medical conditions that long go ignored.
  • Robin Shellow reads every letter sent by every inmate.
  • Robin Shellow knows that to whom much is given, much is expected.

Case update: Taser Case Settlement

The Village of West Milwaukee pays 2.5 million to settle Taser death of Adam Trammell

Read more on my blog Taser Settlement.

On our streets police victimize our citizens with tasers, fists and guns. If the victims of police brutality manage to survive, they likely find themselves charged with crimes against the officers who victimized them. If the victims should die, then the police have often killed the only witness to the brutality inflicted “under color of law.” Why? Prosecutors believe they need both bad police and good police to incarcerate the accused. Those prosecutors who protect police who victimize our citizens are wrong and must be held accountable and removed from their positions of power. Robin Shellow has a well-developed sense of outrage. Robin Shellow does not golf with judges or picnic with police. Robin Shellow extracts justice even though it often requires climbing up Mount Everest barefoot, blindfolded and with a gun to her back.

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Robin Shellow believes that when police torture citizens they have committed war crimes. Whether it is war crimes or street crimes, violent law enforcement and those who protect it must be exposed. Day after day local prosecutors turn a blind eye to the torture of our citizens. Victims of police brutality are often the most vulnerable amongst us.

Robin Shellow knows police lie and prosecutors cover up those lies. Robin Shellow stands up for and gives voice to those citizens who are too terrified and hurt and angry to speak for themselves. Robin Shellow knows that to whom much is given, much is expected.