Robin Shellow Attorney | Robin Shellow is a Milwaukee criminal defense attorney that you can trust. Call 414.263.4488 today to schedule your consultation.
Robin Shellow is a Milwaukee criminal defense attorney that you can trust. Call 414.263.4488 today to schedule your consultation.
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Why A Blog? Why Now? by Robin Shellow

If anyone is following this, you will notice a burst of posts in the first week corresponding with my law office’s recent decision to create a blog located on our website at My staff and I will continue to add content when the opportunity permits and topics of interest or urgency arise.

For 29 years, I have been a criminal lawyer based in Milwaukee representing persons who have run afoul of the law. For 40 years, I have been a writer. We all waste a lot of time “in between”–charging our Fitbits, finishing one project and starting another, cleaning the garage, and all manner of myriad tasks which flesh out our days. Invariably, it is during the time “in between” where my words flow easily and with a degree of clarity that comes when I am not hyper-focused. I also know that Michael Danahey, my aide-de-camp for over a decade, will revise and edit every post that we write. Oftentimes, posts will be tested against the tireless mind of my father, James Shellow—the best lawyer I know and an estimable writer in his own right–and located on his own web page at before being mirrored on The Shellow Group blog you are presently reading. Additionally, other stake-holders and fellow travelers who have suggestions may make occasional contributions as well.
Read, comment, share, and stay tuned.

Grass Roots Organization

Whichever candidate--be it Clinton or Sanders or, god forbid, Cruz or Trump—makes the first move towards nationwide decriminalization of Marijuana and amnesty for all federal non-violent pot offenders, this person will win the election in November. States go green before they turn red or blue....

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Magical thinking, the law and fragments

By Robin Shellow and Michael Danahey PART ONE Creating judges, prosecutors, clients and jurors who are kind, decent and don’t want to hurt others has been the backdrop to my legal practice for 29 years. It has required me to learn skill sets not traditionally utilized by...

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