Robin Shellow Attorney | Robin Shellow is a Milwaukee criminal defense attorney that you can trust. Call 414.263.4488 today to schedule your consultation.
Robin Shellow is a Milwaukee criminal defense attorney that you can trust. Call 414.263.4488 today to schedule your consultation.
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thoughts on current issues

Why A Blog? Why Now? by Robin Shellow

If anyone is following this, you will notice a burst of posts in the first week corresponding with my law office’s recent decision to create a blog located on our website at My staff and I will continue to add content when the opportunity permits and topics of interest or urgency arise.

For 29 years, I have been a criminal lawyer based in Milwaukee representing persons who have run afoul of the law. For 40 years, I have been a writer. We all waste a lot of time “in between”–charging our Fitbits, finishing one project and starting another, cleaning the garage, and all manner of myriad tasks which flesh out our days. Invariably, it is during the time “in between” where my words flow easily and with a degree of clarity that comes when I am not hyper-focused. I also know that Michael Danahey, my aide-de-camp for over a decade, will revise and edit every post that we write. Oftentimes, posts will be tested against the tireless mind of my father, James Shellow—the best lawyer I know and an estimable writer in his own right–and located on his own web page at before being mirrored on The Shellow Group blog you are presently reading. Additionally, other stake-holders and fellow travelers who have suggestions may make occasional contributions as well.
Read, comment, share, and stay tuned.

Thank you, Joe Biden

In what could end up being the most significant contribution to their administration’s legacy—and possibly the last piece of legislation from their 8 years in office—President Obama and Vice President Biden signed into law the 21st Century Cures bill on Tuesday following a Monday night...

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Tampons are more regulated than firearms

Take The Shellow Group News Quiz 1.     Which girl product was taken off the market for toxic shock syndrome in 1980? 2.     Which firearms made in the united do not pass the drop test under the word firearms? 3.     Which gun fits in bombshell bra? 4.     Hillary Clinton admits...

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A chain of voices

The Shellow Group Wants You! Whether standing in solidarity on the frontlines of a Black Lives Matter protest, holding up a Clinton-Kaine 2016 placard outside of a Trump rally, or driving voters to their local polling places to fulfill our most sacred civic duty on November...

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Heroin Holocaust AP Story Follow-Up

A few things you may not know regarding America's drug crises. Much in the same way that cocaine was formulated into crack, heroin is now being "rocked up" and sold. Additionally, while much of the media focus has been on opioid prescription pills going missing...

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