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AODA Mental Health Assessment

Mental Health and Substance Abuse
Assessment Strategies

When individuals seek The Shellow Group for help, we take a holistic approach to help the individual and their family. This often starts with a thorough needs assessment. A clinical social worker, an alcohol and drug abuse specialist, and a clinical and forensic psychologist are members of The Shellow Group team. Often when individuals find themselves needing a Milwaukee criminal defense attorney, the expertise of mental health and substance abuse professionals are also needed.

Upon an initial needs assessment, our clients may also recognize the benefit of having further psychosocial and substance abuse assessment. These initial clinical assessments often assist in charting the best criminal defense strategy for minimizing criminal justice consequences. When the initial clinical assessments suggest that further forensic assessment or specialized, voluntary treatment will be beneficial, referrals are made to the most appropriate care that will address the identified clinical needs and maximize the best criminal justice outcome.

A Milwaukee Criminal Defense Attorney that understands your situation

The Shellow Group has found that the selection of the particular level of care and treatment provider can make a profound difference in both clinical outcomes and criminal justice outcomes. We are familiar with many of the local and nationally recognized treatment specialists. Consequently, our client’s maximize the benefit of the treatment experience and its use for the criminal justice system.