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History of
the Shellow Group

from a Unique Perspective

Robin Shellow, President of The Shellow Group, designed and constructed my office in her office building. It had been a flax factory and she and her architects lovingly restored it. It has served as the focal point for the neighborhood’s gentrification. It is filled with authentic Stickley furniture, Oriental rugs, and three wood stoves to keep the Wisconsin winter at bay and a beautiful garden that warms the office atmosphere in the summer. The building with its unique furnishings conveys that the people who work in its midst like to come to work and spend the time working for the success of clients.

From Corporate presidents who are being scape-goated by a government going broke, doctors whose kind touch is misrepresented as something sexual, Robin Shellow does not assume her clients are guilty. All mistakes are not criminal. Law enforcement, whether federal or state, rarely say, I am sorry we relentlessly pursued you, humiliated you in the press and in front of your family—we made a mistake. Hire the Shellow Group before law enforcement and prosecutors become so entrenched in your case that their egos do not let them back down and find a way out.

The Shellow Group includes brilliant and charming consultants whose analyses of people and documents are the envy of all other law firms. Social workers, physicians, psychologists and alocohol and drug counselors participate in helping reluctant clients disclose something that they thought would hurt their case, when it in fact helps their case.

The Shellow Group also contains an immigrant Polish lawyer whose PhD in English Literature makes her a spirited fit for this uniquely talented group. A nationally recognized consulting psychologist is almost a fixture in the office. He is both board certified as a forensic and clinical psychologist. The Shellow Group knows that being charged with a crime can break the spirit of even the strongest defendants and its psychologist and social workers know that part of their role is keeping the fear at bay so that the client is in the best position to help The Shellow Group. It is also not unusual to see a former police chief sitting at the table helping The Shellow Group figure out how the existence of documents not turned over in discovery will aid in dismantling the prosecution’s case. Whether it is their selection of a forensic computer consultant or forensic pathologist, The Shellow Group utilizes the best experts to assist in case preparation and presentation.

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