Robin Shellow Attorney | In Memoriam: Adam Trammell
No charges against officers involved in death of Adam Trammell.
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In Memoriam

These police tortured Adam Trammell to death. This was not “help”. They were not protecting or serving anyone. Naked, cold, confused, alone, unarmed and in his own bathroom and crying for Jesus to take him, as he needlessly suffered 18 electrical discharges from police tasers. Attorneys Robin Shellow of The Shellow Group and Mark Thomsen of Gingras, Cates & Wachs are disgusted by this callous indifference to another human being and are in the process of filing a civil rights suit. This is the Stanford Prison  Experiment brutally come to life, but the electrocution is real this time. The pain experienced by Adam Trammell was real. The doses of current charging through his body was real. And the screams—the almost inhuman howls erupting from a place deep inside, somewhere beneath all our justifications and rationalizations, that primordial subterranean river of pain flowing from the very core of his being, a place most dare not look—this too was real. The screams of Adam Trammell were real, they were human, and once heard they are impossible to forget. They will haunt the memory of anyone who watches his suffering, as they should. How they did not give pause to the officers in his bathroom is beyond my comprehension. Unlike the Stanford Prison Experiment, there was no wall separating the screaming victim from their tormentor delivering ever-increasing doses of voltage. In the case of Adam Trammell, these officers heard his tortured cries and SAW the agonizing pain contorting his face as he lay naked on his back in the bathtub. And yet they persisted. They tased him at least a dozen times even after he was handcuffed. What possible threat could he have posed? Where was a naked man in a bathtub going to conceal a weapon? What on earth warranted such workmanlike savagery? Can you imagine that the images you have now seen are the last images of your son?

As I said, these officers heard the screams and saw the pain. They were aware of the sights and sounds on a sensory level, but there was a disconnect. They did not really see or hear Adam Trammell. In that bathroom, he was not a human being. In fact, he was not even Adam in those final moments of his life. The police did not even bother to get his name, instead shouting “Brandon!” over and over between the deadly shocks which ended his life. This means that Adam Trammell died in his own residence to the sounds of strangers yelling someone else’s name. I can think of no greater indignity. By choosing not to press charges or pursue justice, the District Attorney’s office has turned yet another blind eye and deaf ear to Adam Trammell. No one hears or sees him still. A Russian writer much smarter than I once said, “Never deny a man the validity of his suffering”. In validating the actions of these officers, the District Attorney has done just that. I guess the District Attorney’s office never read Dr. Milgram’s findings or is not familiar with Dostoyevsky. The police want to say they were following procedures? So was Adolf Eichmann.

Use these links to read the article on Journal Sentinel Online and view the police body cam video.


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