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Justice for victims of police abuse, excessive force, or wrongful death.
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Civil Rights are Human Rights

From those who are falsely accused of crimes because of law enforcement bias, to those who cover up crimes committed by law enforcement themselves, Attorney Robin Shellow of The Shellow Group continues to stand up for victims of police officers who believe they are above the law. Just as police abuse can come in all shapes and sizes, the victims of such abuse represent all walks of life and cover the spectrum of age, race, gender and class. For when law enforcement decides to take the law into its own hands, truly no one is safe. Whether they be a civil rights plaintiff or a criminal defendant, many have the same risk factors. While such modern conventions as body cameras may reduce the possibility of a false confession, or may catch images of police misconduct, such tools are only as useful as the police officers tasked with using them. When officers choose to turn off their cameras—whether it be the magically malfunctioning dash-cam that fails to record a traffic stop, or the body-cam that is mysteriously covered up during a search warrant–all manner of malfeasance can and does occur.

Eight years ago, The Shellow Group began to widen its scope and open its doors to the victims and families of widespread atrocities committed by members of the law enforcement community, finding that the skill-set developed over three decades of cross-examining cops in criminal trials was an apt fit and easily transferable to pursuing the claims of civil rights plaintiffs. While still a criminal defense firm, The Shellow Group continues to additionally represent the victims of warrantless body-cavity strip-searches conducted by former and current members of the Milwaukee Police Department, as well as the helpless victims of sexual assaults committed by jailers and the sad casualties of in-custody deaths. The Shellow Group is proud of its partnerships from both close and afar. In 2018, The Shellow Group has renewed its partnership with Attorney Mark Thomsen of Gingras, Cates & Wachs, a working partnership which previously caught Corrections Corporation of America torturing a Wisconsin inmate housed in Whiteville, TN and held MPD accountable for the first positional asphyxia death in the case of Tommy Jackson. We look forward to continuing all of our professional partnerships to ensure that the blue wall of silence is shattered and citizens are safe and free from violations of their constitutional rights wherever and whenever they are detained.

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