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thoughts on current issues

Tampons are more regulated than firearms

Take The Shellow Group News Quiz

1.     Which girl product was taken off the market for toxic shock syndrome in 1980?

2.     Which firearms made in the united do not pass the drop test under the word firearms?

3.     Which gun fits in bombshell bra?

4.     Hillary Clinton admits to marijuana use?

5.     Donald Trump admits to marijuana use?

6.     Marijuana itself has never killed anyone

7.     Names of the relatives of congressional members concerned about statutory rape

8.     80 percent of U.S. senators could have been convicted of statutory rape

9.     80 percent of all elected officials could have been convicted of 18. USC 1001 for falsifying their weight on their driver’s license.

10.  Does the new tooth paste SNCC work better than the best tooth whitening product of October 2016?

11.  Who is marketing cop killer bullets and why can’t we ask them to stop?

12.  Which face is on the new Emmett Till bill?

Don’t wait wait—please tell me.

Robin Shellow

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