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thoughts on current issues

A chain of voices

The Shellow Group Wants You!


Whether standing in solidarity on the frontlines of a Black Lives Matter protest, holding up a Clinton-Kaine 2016 placard outside of a Trump rally, or driving voters to their local polling places to fulfill our most sacred civic duty on November 8th, one thing is certain: there is strength in numbers. In today’s era of kneejerk clickbait links on social media, the same basic maxim holds true with regards to the blogosphere. In the mad dash to gather “likes” and “views”, too often substantive material gets lost in the onrush of meaningless lists, celebrity gossip, and idle time-killers.  One solitary voice doesn’t stand much of a chance against such a cacophonous barrage of sites all screaming for attention.

However, a chain of voices can hold fast and withstand the forces arrayed against them, trying to drown them out. Now more than ever, with daily examples of systemic injustices coming to light, it is vital that the voice of the conscientious objector, the legal advocate, the peaceful protestor be heard. One such voice is that of The Shellow Group, which for 30 years has been heard by courts, prosecutors, law enforcement, and even victims from Milwaukee all the way to Cape Town.

The Shellow Group encourages everyone to read, comment, subscribe, repost, like, link, add to your blog roll, share on social media, or physically print out any of our pieces, make a thousand copies and drop them from a helicopter circling over City Hall. Well, maybe not the last part… JOIN THE CHAIN OF VOICES!


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