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Children in prison.
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Rage Confronts the law— an untold story of 1095 days


Rage Confronts the law-

Today, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel created an interactive digital story about “many” kids who were sentenced to life that were represented by me. I put the word many in quotes because the law in Wisconsin changed in 1994 and children charged with first degree intentional homicide who were between 10 and 17 years old were now mandatorily in the adult court and 17 became the new age of majority if charged with intentional homicide.

Early in my practice, a young man was sentenced to the adult prison. As he walked off the bus in shackles and chains, he was sold to the highest bidder for three packages of Newport Cigarettes. Within 48 hours of his arrival, his front teeth were repeatedly eviscerated by the strong fist of a prisoner whose mantra was I am doing this for your own good. For three years my client was orally and anally sodomized by whoever could pay his protector. On the day he was released, he disclosed to me the brutality that characterized his life for 1095 days. On the day he was released—he hanged himself.

Interactive databases only tell part of this story. The links below tell more of it.

Robin Shellow

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NY Times December 1994 article

About Garland’s trial in Feb. 1995

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