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Heroin Holocaust AP Story Follow-Up

A few things you may not know regarding America’s drug crises. Much in the same way that cocaine was formulated into crack, heroin is now being “rocked up” and sold. Additionally, while much of the media focus has been on opioid prescription pills going missing from medicine cabinets and leading to addicted youths all over the country, one would be wise to also keep an eye on their cough syrup, namely that which contains promethazine, a highly sought after drug known as “lean” or “drank” or “dirty Sprite” on streets all over the country. Popularized by the ubiquitous white styrofoam cups seen in rap videos originally coming out of the South, the exceedingly dangerous mix has led to the overdose deaths of some of it’s most famous original proponents, including the legendary MC Pimp C from Houston rap group UGK. His death, while mourned nationwide, has done little to dispel the spread and consumption of the lethal cocktail amongst the nation’s youths, both black and white.

Check out Sharon Cohen’s story “What’s behind growing push to punish dealers in fatal ODs?” – Associated Press

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