Robin Shellow Attorney | Computers, Guns and Firearms: A Civilized Question
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Computers, Guns and Firearms: A Civilized Question

Lawyers, civil and criminal, defense and prosecution regularly do internet research on Firearms or Guns. For reasons– I once knew long ago, persons who wish in some way to limit access, use the word Firearm. Persons who do not wish to encumber or limit access use the word Gun.

Why does my computer inevitably grind to a pathetically slow speed whenever I spend a quiet afternoon trying to catch up on gun or firearm related issues? Is it the particular sites or forums? Do the moderators smell a potential left wing liberal who the moderator perceives is trying to take your gun away? The following sites contain great information when defending criminal cases that involve guns. But be prepared to slow down!


I do not run with the paranoid conspiracy theory crowd.  But go to any firearms forum and then try to get on lexis and good luck finishing your brief!

In God and our IT pals, we trust.




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