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Summer Reading on Milwaukee Robin’s New Blog

Greetings from Milwaukee Robin,

As some or all of you know, I march to the tune of a different drummer than many criminal lawyers.  More Gene Krupa than John Phillips Sousa. I have started a blog on our newly designed website. I am really lucky because the 2nd in command at my office was an editor, writer and musician before he became the “Robin, you really can’t write that“ or “Robin, no one comes to a blog for information about or”. Then again, maybe they do.

Like President Johnson used to say to speechwriter Richard Goodwin, I ask him to “put the music to the words”. We share a similar voice of outrage rooted in civic concern. By combining our skill sets, we have put together a blog that contains useful information for practitioners, commentary on social issues and reactions to relevant current events, both local and national. The Shellow Group has been involved in recent cases from the rocky Atlantic coastline of New Bern, NC to the snowcapped mountain ranges of Durango, CO. Back home in Milwaukee, for the last five years, we have been litigating strip and body cavity searches by an all-white “anti-gang unit” (aka the Sodomy Squad) of over 100 African-American citizens. So we have outrage to spare, and a need to share. I am reaching out to you to subscribe to our blog because I value the voice you have and your contributions to any topical discourse would benefit bringing about the changes we all strive towards.

And while this is not an internet shopper’s first stop for a little retail therapy, we attract a variety of comments and, should anyone ever need the most elegant bathroom cabinetry on the planet, our blog found them and they found us. We are not the dark net, the sleep net, and one or two of the posts are so eloquent that if judgment day is tomorrow, no one will say we stood idly by.

So, let me be your summer beach read in between re-reading The Slow Train To Milan and Off The Rails…, two of my favorites from Lisa St. Aubin de Teran.

Check the sidebar for the Subscribe button here:

Thank you

Robin Shellow


324 West Vine Street

Milwaukee, WI  53212



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