Robin Shellow Attorney | Russians Hack DNC EMAIL server
The government asking to search your computer.
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Russians Hack DNC EMAIL server

When foreign governments get into the DNC email server it is called hacking. Hacking is writing a program that allows outside users into your private domain—just another uninvited dinner guest at your table. When the Department of Justice uses RoundUp, One Swarm and a host of other programs that are developed by private contractors and university professors, however, it is called network penetration. It is the same thing. A program is written to obtain data about the user and that data is then used to obtain information from the user’s registry folder that contains, among other things, the GUID, IP address, internet provider, email provider, deleted documents and images and, of course, deleted and non-deleted emails. These emails and other information are not otherwise stored on the internal drive of one’s computer. Both foreign and domestic “hackers” are automated, educated and have an agenda. If the agenda is to destroy one’s candidacy for president—as it has already destroyed the career of the DNC chairman–it is one problem. But, if the agenda is to round up as many people who may have accidentally observed child pornography, so that the prison industrial complex is filled with engineers and educators and medical researchers who deleted a pop up image of child pornography while conducting benign internet research, it is another problem. When that problem turns into an agent at your door asking for consent to search your computer, just say no. Perhaps they will get a warrant and visit a second time. On that second visit, there are only two things to say to the agents: I do not consent to the search of anything/anywhere and I do not wish to make any statements unless and until my attorney Robin Shellow is present.

The Shellow Group is an experienced litigator when it comes to parallel construction. Parallel construction is commonly used by governments, both foreign and domestic, to assert that something was found legally after it was discovered illegally.

The taunts “jail Hillary” and “lock her up!” still echoing from the RNC should bring terror to each and every one of us. Getting into your computer is as easy as accessing an Amazon Prime account, and our government does it hundreds, if not thousands, of times every day in every state and federal jurisdiction. Today the chants are directed at Hillary and confined to conventions and rallies, but tomorrow the chanting could be outside your door, because the United States government has already been inside your home.


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