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Almost is a word not used by Coroners

Almost is a word not used by Coroners

Will the Top 1% Accountability Act of 2016 will generate enough money for real treatment for all citizens?

Or so I pondered last week when I started this post. But by this week, I was blind-sided by my own cynicism.

Pithy political sarcasm costs lives

For those unfortunate citizens who find themselves trapped at the intersection of the criminal justice system and addiction, Drug Courts offer scant protection against the forces arrayed against them. Whether insured or uninsured, your average citizen cannot afford the high cost of individualized drug treatment. In fact, large counties like Marathon County are too financially strapped to have a drug court—despite 8 near fatal heroin overdoses in one week.

Congresswoman Gwen Moore from Milwaukee had introduced a bill which she calls the “Top 1% Accountability Act of 2016.”  It would require households whose itemized deductions top $150,000 to submit a clean drug test to the IRS, or take a dramatically lower standard deduction. Write your congressional representative and let them know that you support Congresswoman Moore’s plan. Help end the stigmatization and continued criminalization of drug addiction—but nothing like the way the Israeli Army helped its citizens.

The Israeli army after realizing that by patching up soldier after soldier had created opiate addicts—said this is about us. We created addicts out of our veterans so now it is our responsibility to help veterans become drug free. But somehow in Wisconsin, we still look at fault lines and believe overcoming the toxic impact of addiction is about will- power. A whole lot of people from judges to presidential candidates on both sides have got it wrong. The search for the lost ship named Will-Power has killed too many. It is time to get off the good ship will-power before the stench of the bodies rotting on our beaches finds you.

Demonizing addicts is still the mantra of all in power and who desire power.  It is all about grit, pulling yourself up by your own boot-straps and false HOPE. Those who are married to the medicine chest theory of addiction pass laws that do not distinguish between patients who are entitled to compassionate choices and those who are doctor shopping.

Compassionate choices for treatment not prison ought to be the mantra of those seeking my vote. The Heroin, Opiate Prevention and Education Laws are non-starters for me, If I hear the words interventional procedures and lifestyle changes, I will literally puke. Perhaps, I should re-name my law firm Interventional procedures and lifestyle changes or HOPE.

Life-style changes are the code words used by  both Republicans and Democrats who will decide whether your children die, become imprisoned and robbed of every part of their dignity.

 Love the addict hate the disease

Forget what divides us. It is up to us to save your children.

Since we printed a four- part series  the-heroin-holocaust- we were bested by a more sobering head line. Deaths over-whelm -Coroners.

If addiction has you on the brink of losing your professional license, your job, your election or your liberty—your adult children, I am a lawyer who cares. I am proud to say I have represented 79 supersized addicts who have not re-offended. Treatment and learning how to be a law-abiding recovering addict requires huge amounts of time and expensive treatment–less expensive than the real cost of prisons. But, this week, I almost lost one to the medical examiner.


Almost can be a very terrifying word. Just ask me. Thank you for reading another post. But, I am not done. So if you have yet to read previous posts, please take a break from your summer beach reading of 2016 and read our prior posts.

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