Robin Shellow Attorney | Heroin Holocaust
Heroin is an epidemic that needs to be taken seriously.
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The Heroin Holocaust: Post-Script

Maybe it’s birds of a feather flocking together, or some law of attraction which governs the like-minded. Perhaps it’s the old adage “speak the devil’s name and he shall appear” at play. Or maybe just simple coincidence, kismet. Whatever you want to call it, after spending the past two weeks thinking and writing and editing and rewriting about opioid use and heroin addiction, it was fitting that when I turned on my car for the long drive home a piece about the exact same issue was airing on NPR’s “All things Considered”  As usual, NPR and ATC deliver a well-thought and insightful take on an exceedingly complicated issue, touching on many of the same points we explored in Parts One and Two of The Heroin Holocaust piece.

In the final analysis, perhaps it is not coincidental at all to turn on the radio and hear another media outlet ringing the town crier’s bell in attempts to alert the community to the imminent danger at our doorsteps concerning heroin and opioids. More than likely, it simply means that we are past the point of hyperbole and the problem has truly, and sadly, reached epidemic proportions.

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