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we need to update our postition on marijuana
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thoughts on current issues

Grass Roots Organization

Whichever candidate–be it Clinton or Sanders or, god forbid, Cruz or Trump—makes the first move towards nationwide decriminalization of Marijuana and amnesty for all federal non-violent pot offenders, this person will win the election in November. States go green before they turn red or blue. As long as “The Donald” doesn’t prevail in his callous proposals to have them erecting the walls of their own exclusion from the American Dream, a smart candidate would be wise to imagine a future where undocumented workers could earn citizenship while tending to the most viable cash-crop since soybeans. The Shellow Solution proposes that we transform America’s antiquated breadbaskets into America’s state of the art hydroponic hothouses. Some songs may need to be changed as well, as the “amber waves of grain” begin to change color. “O beautiful for gracious highs, For emerald waves of weed…” Has a nice ring to it. Perhaps someday soon this past Wednesday, April 20th will be a federal holiday?

to learn more see Marijuana – Case Experience

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